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CopyrightProtected DVD Discs Are Capable Of Being Ripped Too

Copying DVDs is not always an easy task. You can�t just copy the DVD to an empty disk because there are many copyright protections that make this impossible. Even if you copy the files, the content will be damaged. For instance, you might have audio but the video of the original DVD will not be working. This is called copyright protection, right? At first, one thinks that copying a DVD can�t be difficult. That�s right � it is not difficult if you have the right program to overcome the protection and to decrypt and shrink the data.

Copyright protections exist because many malicious people copy illegally DVDs and because of that manufacturers had to invent a way to stop them from having a usable copy. Now, before you decide to copy a DVD, you need to understand a couple of important points. First, copyright laws are there to prevent people from making illegal profit from someone else's work.

Second, if someone makes copies for anything other than personal use, he/she is subject to the penalties of law. The next step is to find a good DVD ripper. DVDShrink was a great program but since it is not maintained anymore, now it can�t deal with all the new copyright protections. This is no wonder � when millions of people copy DVDs illegally, it is quite logical that companies will invest heavily in technology, which prevents that. However, I see nothing wrong with making a copy for personal use only. After all, movies and games are really expensive.

Family budgets are getting tighter and recreational items are put on the back burner economically. DVDs wear out the more you play them, so there is a real danger that the DVDs with your favorite movies will wear out quickly. So, backup copies come to the rescue. You do this with a tool such as RipitforMe, which decrease the file size of DVDs so that they can fit onto a smaller DVD. But this program was discontinued in April 2007. Additionally, before you decrease the file size, you must rip the DVD with a program such as DVD Fab Decrypter.

If this program does not work because the copyright protection measures are too strong, try another program, which might be more successful at bypassing them. Before much love movie discs become too scratched and starts skipping large portions of data, or quits working altogether, copy any DVD for backup entertainment. For example, kids can play DVD's over and over again, and never get tired of seeing a favorite character. In fact, they memorize the information and love to play along. So, for the youngest to the oldest member of the household, keep a backup copy of the best loved video entertainment. So, if you have a favorite DVD, it is possible to make backup copies for personal use.

However you must find a program that is capable of handling the newest safeguards imposed to protect copyrighted information. Then, you can enjoy favorite games and videos for years to come.

Isaiah Henry is a writer on dvd ripper solutions. Visit for more information on dvd copy and dvd rippers software. Visit us for the top rated dvd copy software today.

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