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Subscribing To Stock Publication and the Dow Jones Industrial

The Wall Street Journal has excellent stock market information. The format is easy to read and it is organized well for quick reference or for enjoyable reading about the stock market. The writers are exceptional with experience in the business world. There is a section to watch your own portfolio and to research company history and financial information that is easy to locate. It is a value at $79 for 54 weeks of reading either in paper or on-line. A subscriber can get both the on-line and paper version for a total of $99 for 52 weeks and some free weeks.

Investor's Business Daily has similar content to the Wall Street Journal. It has a remarkably good analysis of daily stocks and a good on-line educational tutorial. The publication may be read on-line or on a paper format. The publication is $295 per year for the paper version or $235 for the on-line version.

The Jim Cramer Street dot com stock analysis subscription allows the investor to trade along side with him. He sends out advisories on stocks by e-mail. He also allows the investor to see his portfolio. In addition for every subscription sold he sends the subscriber a free copy of his book.

This advisory service is worth a free trial run and then you decide if it is worth the cost of the subscription. Jim Cramer has made him self and a whole lot of people very rich. The Dow Jones industrial average Direct consumer contact stocks in Dow Jones Industrial Average: McDonald's Company is also on the road to recovery after a slump in 2005. Their healthy diet adjustments have improved the overall out look on the stock.

It is currently trading at the high $40 range and should easily go higher. A solid past performer Home Depot is trying to make a rebound from concerns about the housing market. Recently, Home Depot has seen some return to the range where it should be trading. It closed recently in the $38 range and should see some improvements to the mid $40 range. At this point an investor recognizes that if a sector is down for the day this will effect the overall Dow Jones Industrial average. The list of noteworthy stocks are: 3m Corp.

, Alcoa, Boeing Co., Caterpillar Co., E. I.

Du pont de Nemours and Company, Exxon-Mobil Corp. General Electric Company, General Motors, Honeywell International Co., Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Company, Pfizer Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, and Procter & Gamble Company and lastly big tobacco, Altria Group Inc.


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Subscribing To Stock Publication and the Dow Jones Industrial - The Wall Street Journal has excellent stock market information.

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