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How Easy is it to Apply for a Secured Loan

When looking around for a secured loan, you may be wondering what it is that you need in order to apply. How easy is the process? Do you need any details on hand? Well, if you have been wondering what you need look no further as here you will find everything that you need to know. The Application Process The application process will differ depending upon whether you want to apply online or over the telephone. It is mainly down to personal preference as there are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you apply online it is generally a much quicker process than if you were on the telephone. This is fairly obvious as over the telephone the operator is asking you questions and then typing in your details and checking various pieces of information.

Online however you simply have to type in your details and then click OK. It sometimes takes less than five minutes and it is not a very demanding process at all. However, if you would like to apply over the telephone it gives you the peace of mind that you have actually spoken to somebody about the loan and you know exactly when you will be accepted and if you will be accepted. Usually the process takes around twenty minutes to half an hour over the phone so it can be quite time consuming.

You will also need various pieces of information. You may know most of it but just in case it may be helpful to get some documents to hand. Generally loan companies want to know: - If you and your partner are working and what your salaries are - The value of your home - Various information about the home - Bank details Usually you will be asked where you work and the address and phone number of your work. This is because loan companies like to double check that you do work there and that you are able to pay the loan back. With secured loans they are not always as strict about various details of your application because the loan is secured on your home and most people would not risk their home if they could not afford the repayments. Overall the process is usually fairly simple and you should find that it is not as strict as a unsecured loan, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't look over the plan carefully.

It is always worth knowing exactly what you are getting before agreeing to anything.

Derek Rogers represents Accepted, a UK based secured loans site.

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